Affilka Includes CPL in Commission Options

Aug 4, 2022

Affilka recently introduced the CPL (Cost Per Lead) model to its commission constructor, offering both affiliates and operators additional flexibility. With the introduction of CPL deals, Affilka aims to further empower its clients by providing them with advanced tools to optimise their affiliate marketing strategies.

With CPL deals, clients pay a fixed fee for each player registration, regardless of subsequent actions taken by players. This approach allows affiliates to explore the iGaming vertical and experiment with new brand offers and conversion rates in various geographical markets. At the same time, operators stand to gain from CPL deals by bolstering brand awareness and attracting affiliates from diverse niches.

Although CPL payouts may be lower compared to CPA, they typically yield higher conversion rates. Affilka’s commission constructor, designed with traffic quality in mind, allows clients to establish specific rules that trigger CPL rewards, ensuring optimal performance.

To secure the utmost accuracy, operators can exclude commissions for specific player categories, including unverified players, individuals with multiple casino accounts, disabled accounts, and those who have set self-exclusion limits. This ensures a fair and controlled commission structure that aligns with the desired objectives.

Anastasiya Borovaya, Head of Product at Affilka, highlights the significance of integrating CPL deals, emphasising that it marks a pivotal milestone in the platform’s evolution: “Affiliates now can leverage CPL deals to venture into the iGaming vertical, expand their reach into new markets, and test the waters with new brand offers.”

Affilka continues to thrive in the industry, boasting a portfolio of over 150 clients and forging partnerships with esteemed brands. As the platform embraces growth, it remains steadfast in its commitment to refining functionality and delivering exceptional service. The introduction of CPL deals reaffirms Affilka’s position as a leader in affiliate marketing, equipping clients with advanced tools and strategies to achieve remarkable results.