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Affilka is an affiliate management software platform designed for the iGaming industry. Your performance marketing tool to manage affiliates, track their advertising campaigns, analyze their players, optimize your marketing expenses and pay out affiliate rewards on time.

  • Affiliate Management

    Supervise your affiliates with Affilka’s instruments. The toolkit allows you to access the main information about your partners, change the statuses of their accounts, attach dedicated managers, leave notes and tags, and that’s just for starters. Make payouts to your affiliates, build unique commission plans, analyse the stats, and track the incoming traffic.

  • Built-in Payment Processing

    Among Affilka’s unique features are its integrated payment systems. When you plan to pay rewards to your affiliates, you don’t have to process payments individually. It’s all a matter of seconds now. Our list already includes Neteller, Skrill, Cryptoprocessing, wire transfer, and several other systems, yet we’re working to expand it. You can also process payments through non-listed PSPs outside of the Affilka interface and then extract them via our financial API.

  • In-Depth Reports

    Dig deeper into the statistics of your affiliates and their campaigns, analyse the effectiveness of the referral links. Apply the built-in filters to organise your reports by date, manager, commission plan, and so on. Arrange the data by currencies, first deposit dates, countries, choose report metrics and settings you want to share with your affiliates, and extract the report in your preferred format.

  • Media Management

    Put up dedicated banners in various formats by using Affilka. Make them hidden or visible to your affiliates and chosen affiliate operators, depending on whether you want to restrict their access to your custom settings. You can also add individual landings to the selected affiliates and share them with everyone or make them private instead.

  • Flexible Commissions Constructor

    There’s no need to limit yourself to several standard commission plans since Affilka introduces the unique Commission Constructor. It allows operators to make their own payment programs, depending on criteria like first deposit amount, bet or wager amount, and a lot more. Remunerate your affiliates with percentages of deposit sums, net revenue, wager, etc. Change rules for different users or countries. Those who prefer time-tested schemes, can also rely on traditional commission models.

  • Multiple Subaffiliate Tiers

    Let your affiliates help you out even more by inviting affiliates of their own. Now your partners can bring sub-affiliates to draw clients to your platform and increase their earnings. You obtain not only customers-to-be but also new partnerships. Form as many sub-affiliate levels as necessary.


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  • Head of Affiliation & Acquisition, BitStarz Casino

    Srdjan Kapor

    The backbone of StarzPartnersBitStarz electric affiliate program – is Affilka, a platform that has provided us with the affiliate software and tools to succeed. Through the impressive setup provided, we’ve been able to get an unmatched understanding of statistics, filters, and features, so we can provide a 5-starz affiliate experience to partners. From uploading media and links without delay to being able to pay affiliates directly, Affilka set of tools mean that this, along with new earning model structures and customized postbacks, are all possible. All-round affiliate solutions don’t come any more reliable than Affilka.

  • Team Lead of Affiliation department, N1 Partners

    Kanstantin Badunov

    N1 Partners (N1 Casino specifically) was the first project that was switched to Affilka affiliate system. We conducted the whole journey together developing side by side. We are happy to tell that this system is developing with amazing progression taking into account all the needs of affiliates and affiliate managers. At the present moment it is a flexible, convenient and elegant tool that is able to provide all necessary functions for successful promotion of any project. Flexible yet multilevel commission constructor, easy pixel tracking, good selection of payment methods and elegant and user-friendly interface – those sides turn Affilka affiliate system into number 1 choice for any online project.

  • Affiliate Marketing Director at Affiliate Rush

    Martin Nicholson

    AffiliateRush partnership with the Affilka program team has been nothing short of amazing. The program itself is secure, reliable, simple, and incredibly flexible. The reporting element is incredibly powerful, simple to navigate and provides all the information you will require to analyze, optimize, and monetize your affiliate traffic. For me the most beneficial part of this partnership is the team’s willingness to adapt, add and modify the reporting so as to allow for more in-depth account review and analysis. Not to mention the dedicated Account managers that are on call to assist with any request. We foresee big things still to come from Affilka and glad to have them as a partner.

  • Head of Affiliate, iLucki

    Tim Kepall

    We at iLucki Casino have enjoyed doing business with the high quality affiliate platform Affilka. Such reliant business partners are hard to find and we look forward to continuing this collaboration for a long time. Because such words as transparency, reliability, simplicity and great professionalism are all said about them. As for service, we are consistently provided with excellent support along with the very friendly staff, always ready to sort out with all cases in a timely manner. Truly speaking they taught me a lot of new things regarding the business. We would highly recommend this platform and it is a great team to anyone who will be seeking for a great affiliate platform or casino provider.

  • Head of Affiliates, BetChain

    Mandy Goldberg

    We have worked with Affilka, a platform developed by SOFTSWISS, since their launch; which has been an absolute pleasure. The platform is robust and user-friendly and effectively caters to all the requirements of an affiliate management team at Betchain Casino. Affilka support team is always available; if assistance is needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Affilka Affiliate Platform to any operator looking for a top-notch affiliate software product.

  • CEO,

    Vlad Dibrov

    We at Fastpay Affiliates have switched our projects to Affilka affiliate platform one of the first in the group. From the simple system it was transformed to really useful and flexible tool both for affiliates and casinos. A lot of settings with hybrids, geos, postbacks, API, restrictions, rewards and additional parameters can be applied to the campaigns. Payment solutions are perfect and commissions for payments are not expensive. In short words – Affilka helps to run high-quality service without additional hassles for any operator and to have a useful tool for any affiliate.The system upgrades every month and issues are solved really fast. I'm pretty sure that soon, Affilka will be one of the leaders in the industry. Well done – just do not stop in progressing.

  • Head of affiliate, Parimatch

    Maxim Makovetsky

    We use Affilka platform for our affiliate marketing needs at Parimatch. I'd like to highlight platform stability as well as accuracy of activity reports and tracking. Affilka account management team deserve a special notice. They are very agile, friendly and competent. I strongly recommend Affilka platform.

  • CEO, 7bitpartners

    Stas Ostrenko

    The team behind any product is the key to it's excellence. Affilka's team is really into their product, they constantly improve & update software since its launch two years ago, they are very responsive and pay attention to our feedback. Really inspiring partnership for 7bit Partners!

  • Head of Affiliates at Money Jam Partners

    Emma Balevski

    Our experience working with Affilka has been wonderful. Affilka team is always there for us and making sure that MoneyJam Partners brand has everything needed. All the new features that were needed for our work were implemented by the team respectfully. For a reliable and profitable partnership, you can’t go wrong with Affilka. User-friendly interface, excellent services and team behind so we can highly recommend it!

  • CMO, StayPartners

    Maria Plakhotniuk

    I have been working with Affilka since its launch. Tried a few other platforms, but Affilka was the most suitable solution for WL products. I adore the complete reports, reliability of data. Always get professional and fast assistance. Excellent team of experts who are ready to work hard to provide best solutions both for affiliates and operators. I'm looking forward to growing our business further. Recommended to everyone!

  • Chief Product Officer,

    Nick I.

    As CPO of Affrepublic, I would like to express special thanks to the Affilka team – this company represents quality and professionalism at its best. We definitely made a right choice, when we chose this affiliate program. Affilka team is really responsive and always is in touch, admins provide comprehensive data for traffic analysis. Quite a convenient interface works perfectly both for work with affiliates and product managers. Smart technology, ease of use, prompt and immediate support make Affilka the perfect choice among the long list of similar companies.

  • Head of Affiliates, King Billy Casino

    Ruslan Legenzov

    The Affilka Team has deserved another satisfied customer – King Billy Partners. Having worked with other platforms formerly, we, with no doubts, appreciate a well-organized and prompt system. Both our team and partners use Affilka with ease. Even those affiliates who have never worked with this platform earlier have no troubles dealing with it. In case we are experiencing any technical or other issues, we can always count on a responsive Affilka team. What is even more appealing, they always take into account our feedback and never rest on numerous improvements. Postbacks, commissions withdraw and uploading creatives has never been easier!

  • Affiliate Manager, CatAffs

    Andrew Kowalski

    We have worked with Affilka from the very beginning of CatAffs and it's been great! Affilka is very easy to use for both managers and affiliates because of its intuitive interface and clear, prompt and complete reports. Wide commissions settings, its own postbacks system, which is very easy to use, and lots of additional parameters make Affilka especially good for operators. Affilka’s team deserves special thanks for their responsiveness and flexibility. They provide comprehensive and professional support for us with any questions or tasks we may have. We can surely recommend Affilka to any products in need of a great affiliate program solution.

  • Head of Affiliates, Truepartners

    Bohdan Temnyk

    We at Truepartners love the experience of a fruitful and very productive partnership with Affilka. Today's market is full of companies that make big promises, but do not always fulfill them. Affilka is a team of highly professional workers who know exactly what they are doing. We are always provided with constant support, all our questions get answered at any time. This cooperation allows us to build a really good product. We will be happy to continue working with Affilka, and strongly recommend this company to anyone willing to receive high-performance marketing tool.

  • Head of Affiliates, Blackjack Fun

    Blackjack Fun

    We at Blackjack Fun love everything about the Affilka platform! Our designers love the easy to use interface and they find it inspiring. Our devs love how things run smoothly and the marketing rep has more time on their hands with all the automation. From a management point of view we like that it has all that was advertised. There were times when I felt the need to just have a button that you can press and all the things were taken care of. This is how using Afflika feels, like a help button that actually helps. We realized that Afflika is the only solution to help our ambitious plans see the light of day. So there is no doubt when we say that this collaboration will continue into the next stage of our growth.