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Affilka is an affiliate management software platform designed for the iGaming industry. Your performance marketing tool to manage affiliates, track their advertising campaigns, analyse their players, optimise your marketing expenses and pay out affiliate rewards on time.

  • Affiliate Management

    Supervise your affiliates with Affilka’s instruments. The toolkit allows you to access the main information about your partners, change the statuses of their accounts, attach dedicated managers, leave notes and tags, and that’s just for starters. Make payouts to your affiliates, build unique commission plans, analyse the stats, and track the incoming traffic.

  • Built-in Payment Processing

    Among Affilka’s unique features are its integrated payment systems. When you plan to pay rewards to your affiliates, you don’t have to process payments individually. It’s all a matter of seconds now. Our list already includes Neteller, Skrill, Cryptoprocessing, wire transfer, and several other systems, yet we’re working to expand it. You can also process payments through non-listed PSPs outside of the Affilka interface and then extract them via our financial API.

  • In-Depth Reports

    Dig deeper into the statistics of your affiliates and their campaigns, analyse the effectiveness of the referral links. Apply the built-in filters to organise your reports by date, manager, commission plan, and so on. Arrange the data by currencies, first deposit dates, countries, choose report metrics and settings you want to share with your affiliates, and extract the report in your preferred format.

  • Media Management

    Put up dedicated banners in various formats by using Affilka. Make them hidden or visible to your affiliates and chosen affiliate operators, depending on whether you want to restrict their access to your custom settings. You can also add individual landings to the selected affiliates and share them with everyone or make them private instead.

  • Flexible Commissions Constructor

    There’s no need to limit yourself to several standard commission plans since Affilka introduces the unique Commission Constructor. It allows operators to make their own payment programs, depending on criteria like first deposit amount, bet or wager amount, and a lot more. Remunerate your affiliates with percentages of deposit sums, net revenue, wager, etc. Change rules for different users or countries. Those who prefer time-tested schemes, can also rely on traditional commission models.

  • Multiple Subaffiliate Tiers

    Let your affiliates help you out even more by inviting affiliates of their own. Now your partners can bring sub-affiliates to draw clients to your platform and increase their earnings. You obtain not only customers-to-be but also new partnerships. Form as many sub-affiliate levels as necessary.

Next-level Affiliate Software? Game On!

Step Into the Future of iGaming Affiliate Software with Affilka. 

Experience bespoke commission plans, seamless payment solutions, highly detailed reports, and more. Designed for iGaming trendsetters, Affilka is your key to a flexible, robust affiliate marketing program.

  • Dashboard
  • Campaign Info
  • Wallet
  • Partners
  • Partner Stats
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Power Up Your iGaming Ops

Why Choose Affilka?


Affiliate management software expertly crafted by people with 15+ years of experience in iGaming software development.


Best-on-the-market dedicated service and support for seamless integration and peak performance.


Robust security ensures protected iGaming data, safeguarding your critical information.


Advanced affiliate management tools for dynamic market adaptability and iGaming revenue growth.


They Just Love Us to the Moon and Back


7bit Casino


Affiliate Rush


Bitstarz Affiliates


Heroic Affiliates


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N1 Partners


Chilli Partners



  • Head of Affiliation & Acquisition, BitStarz Casino

    Srdjan Kapor

    BitStarz has a rewarding and overall incredible partnership with Affilka. Affilka is a pillar that supports StarzPartners– our affiliate program. It includes all the tools we might possibly need to thrive. With its stunning functionality, it gives us an outstanding insight into the stats, filters, and functionality, so we can give our partners a truly remarkable affiliate experience. Immediate media and links uploads, rewarding the partners using the inbuilt payment methods, original and customisable commission models and postbacks – all of that is a part of a comprehensive, solid and credible solution that Affilka is.

  • Team Lead of Affiliation department, N1 Partners

    Kanstantin Badunov

    The first business that migrated to Affilka was N1 Casino. We were evolving together throughout our shared journey. And now we are excited to report that this platform is moving forward with incredible speed. It satisfies the needs for efficient promotion thanks to its versatility and usability. Things like the tier-based commission constructor, clear and simple postbacks, a fine representation of payment methods, and an elegant intuitive interface make Affilka’s software a number one choice for any web project.

  • Affiliate Marketing Director at Affiliate Rush

    Martin Nicholson

    AffiliateRush’s experience with the Affilka brand turned out to be deeply productive. They’ve come up with a toolset that’s proven to be multifaceted, safe and valuable. The section with reports is indeed strong, easily navigated, and contains all the data you may require for a detailed analysis, optimization, and monetizing of the traffic. I find the most rewarding part of our alliance is the team’s readiness to customise and adjust the reports for clients to have deeper insights for reviewing their accounts. And let’s not forget the account managers. They’re ready to handle your issues at any time. We anticipate thrilling things from Affilka and are proud to be its partner.

  • Head of Affiliate, iLucki

    Tim Kepall

    The iLucki Casino collective is pleased to be cooperating with the top-grade affiliate management platform Affilka. Such trustworthy and strong companions are difficult to find and we expect that our collaboration will go on for years to come. You can call them skilled, transparent, exceptionally functional and innovative, and you’ll be telling the truth. Speaking about the support service, we are daily receiving superb assistance from super helpful staff, always willing to dive deep into every case in due time. Frankly, they’ve given me a great number of new and important lessons about the business we’re in. We would strongly encourage everyone to consider this company. They’ve got a superior product for anyone seeking a reliable affiliate software provider.

  • Head of Affiliates, BetChain

    Mandy Goldberg

    Since Affilka’s first days we’ve cooperated with them and since then it’s been an absolute blast. They’ve got a credible and intuitive tool that effectively caters to all the demands of an affiliate operating staff at Betchain Casino. We can get in touch with Affilka’s personnel any time we're seeking guidance. I am gladly suggesting Affilka to any company that’s in search of an upscale affiliate management program.

  • CEO,

    Vlad Dibrov

    Seems like a long time ago that Fastpay Affiliates transitioned to the Affilka platform. It has evolved from a straightforward affiliate solution to a genuinely powerful and versatile system for web projects. Multiple configurations with various commissions, postbacks, geo-filters, APIs, limits, remunerations and additional options are available to users. The choice of PSPs is excellent and the fees are not too high. In other words – Affilka makes it easy to smoothly start a top-level service for web operators and provides a handy toolkit for affiliates. The solution has monthly updates, all the problems are dealt with in no time. I'm positive that Affilka is confidently headed towards the pinnacle of the field and has no intention of stopping.

  • Head of affiliate, Parimatch

    Maxim Makovetsky

    Here at Parimatch we are completely satisfied with Affilka. I'd like to highlight its stability and precision of activity reports and tracking. Their crew deserves a huge shout-out. They are knowledgeable and very flexible, with great interpersonal skills. You can confidently pick Affilka for your most challenging project.

  • Head of Affiliates at Money Jam Partners

    Emma Balevski

    The collaboration between Affilka and Money Jam Partners can only be described as wonderful. Their group of professionals is available at all times, checking all the requests of our brand. Every extra feature that was crucial for the business was implemented on our demand. You can’t make a mistake with Affilka if you value security and convenience. Smooth interface, outstanding performance and strong crew are exactly the reasons why Affilka deserves our recommendation.

  • CMO, StayPartners

    Maria Plakhotniuk

    My experience using Affilka started pretty much from day one of the platform. It wasn’t my first time using affiliate software in general, nevertheless, I found Affilka the most competent tools-wise, considering we’re using it for White Label products. The data is completely reliable and the reports are really comprehensive. I consistently get knowledgeable and swift assistance. Excellent team of experts who are ready to work hard to provide the best solutions both for affiliates and operators. I'm looking forward to growing our business further. Totally recommending!

  • Chief Product Officer,

    Nick I.

    Being Aff Republic’s CPO, I have a ton of reasons to be grateful to Affilka for. The company is a terrific example of productivity, commitment and excellence. Never have Aff Republic regretted opting for this platform. The Affilka team is indeed helpful and available, admins present abundant info for traffic analysis. Such a handy interface is impeccable for all the parties of an affiliate industry. Keen innovation, usability, quick and responsive technical service crew turn Affilka into a superb option among the not-so-short list of such platforms.

  • Head of Affiliates, King Billy Casino

    Ruslan Legenzov

    Affilka has yet again deserved a contented client – King Billy Partners. As a company that has collaborated with several platforms before, we unequivocally realize that not every software is smartly organized and snappy. We have no troubles with it and our partners appreciate it too. King Billy’s affiliates who’ve just gotten to explore the platform note its intuitive UI from the get-go. When or if we are experiencing issues of any kind, we know that Affilka’s sharp crew has got our backs. And we especially value that they pay attention to our feedback and keep on making countless improvements. Postbacks, commissions withdrawal and uploading creatives couldn’t be easier!

  • Affiliate Manager, CatAffs

    Andrew Kowalski

    Affilka has been by our side from the start of our project and we have no reasons to complain. Its platform has a friendly UI, its own postbacks, the reports are extensive and properly structured, and these are only a few reasons why affiliates and operators prefer it. You can create your own commission plans with ease and the toolkit contains a wide range of advanced features. I’d like to pay my respects to Affilka’s responsive and flexible team. They offer thorough and competent support any time we approach them with any tasks or questions. We won’t hesitate to refer Affilka to any companies seeking an outstanding affiliate management instrument.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to launch an affiliate program with Affilka?
Typically, Affilka integration takes around one month, however prompt client cooperation can speed this up significantly. Some integrations with active client involvement have been completed in just one day – others, often within two weeks.
How do we integrate with your software?
Integration with Affilka is streamlined for ease. Our team guides you step-by-step for a seamless transition that aligns with your existing systems. Plus, if you’re utilising other tracking systems, Affilka also offers effortless, no-code integration, further enhancing compatibility and efficiency.
Can multiple brands be promoted?
Absolutely. Affilka allows you to efficiently manage and promote multiple brands and products within a single affiliate program, maximising your outreach and simplifying operations.
What kind of support is available after a go-live date?
Post-launch, you’ll have access to our comprehensive support system, including personal account management and technical assistance to ensure continuous, smooth operation of your affiliate program.
Can I migrate data to Affilka?
Yes, migrating your existing affiliate database to Affilka is seamless. Our platform is designed to facilitate a hassle-free transition, ensuring data integrity and minimal downtime.

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