Affiliate Events and Conferences 2024

If you want to be up to date with everything happening in the affiliate world in the iGaming industry during 2024, then you need to know what affiliate events will be.

Affilka will be present at some of them, so you can meet with us to connect and discuss potential partnerships. You can also organise your calendar to attend the events and conferences that interest you most. Otherwise, you can follow the summaries of each event to find out the highlights.

Affiliate Events and Conferences Calendar 2024

During 2024, the iGaming industry will have a packed calendar of events in different countries worldwide. Each special event represents a unique opportunity to learn about the industry, exchange knowledge with other affiliate marketers, network and explore new business possibilities.

Our specialists have prepared a list of the five affiliate events in 2024 that you should attend.

Top 5 Most Important Events for Affiliates in 2024

2024 brings very attractive and exciting events for iGaming industry affiliates. Angelika Antonova, Head of Sales at Affilka by SOFTSWISS has compiled a list of the most important events for affiliates in 2024:

Event Location Date
1- iGB Affiliate London, UK 6–9 February 2024
2- Affiliate World Dubai, UAE 28–29 February 2024
3- Amplify Summit (online) Virtual Event 19–20 March 2024
4- Casino Beats Summit St. Julian’s, Malta 21–23 May 2024
5- SiGMA Europe MMH, Malta 11–14 November 2024

iGB Affiliate

Location: UK, London

Date: 6–9 February 2024

Event type: Exhibition

Format: Offline

iGB Affiliates is one of the largest and most comprehensive iGaming events in the annual calendar, with over 200 exhibitors.

It is the most attended marketing conference (6,500+ iGaming affiliates) professionals for its excellence and for bringing together the best experts and guests to share experiences and insights of high value. 

In addition, the iGB Affiliate Awards are presented to celebrate the achievements and successes of iGaming affiliate companies.

An ideal time to make new contacts and find out about the latest developments

Affiliate World

Location: Dubai, UAE

Date: 28–29 February 2024

Event type: Conference

Format: Offline

Affiliate World is considered the number one performance marketing conference, drawing the attention of more than 5,500 attendees from over 110 different countries. 

Among the most important topics to be discussed are lead generation in 2024, affiliate marketing with AI and machine learning, performance metrics and analytics. Those who decide to attend the conference will have a unique opportunity to receive mastermind-level content provided by top industry experts.

Affiliate World is the ideal place to network, share knowledge and generate business. 

Amplify Summit

Location: Virtual event

Date: 19–20 March 2024

Event type: Summit

Format: Online

It is a live digital event where people worldwide related to affiliate marketing participate and attend.

With more than 2,000 delegates, 40 expert presentations and the participation of more than 1,000 companies, it promises to be an immersive experience for all attendees.

Attendees can leverage this exceptional platform to network, discuss new affiliate-related trends and learn about topics such as understanding the latest SEO updates, social media and lead generation tactics, AI and automation, and much more.

Casino Beats Summit

Location: St. Julian’s, Malta

Date: 21–23 May 2024

Event type: Summit

Format: Offline

The sixth edition of the Casino Beats Summit will bring together more than 500 affiliates, 50 exhibitors, and more than 1,800 operators for three days of all-inclusive networking events.

Those attending the event will be privileged to learn and share information with experts on topics such as the latest game releases, game mechanics and the technologies that will be trending in the coming years.

SiGMA Europe

Location: MMH, Malta

Date: 11–14 November 2024

Event type: Summit

Format: Offline

SiGMA Europe marks one of the final events of the year, yet it is one of the most anticipated and important gatherings of the expansive iGaming community.

The event’s scale speaks volumes: with over 27,000 delegates anticipated to attend, it offers unparalleled networking opportunities and business connections. Expect 6,500 affiliates, 65% C-Level attendance, 550 speakers, 35 networking dinners, two award nights and much more.

It is a must-attend event if you are serious about making strides in your affiliate business.

Events Affilka Will Attend in 2024

The Affilka team will be present at nine iGaming industry events around the world. If you would like to meet us and have a chat with us, this is the ideal time and place to do so.

Event Location Date Contact
♦ ICE London London, UK 6–8 February 2024
♦ iGB Affiliate London, UK 7–9 February 2024
♦ SiGMA World Dubai Dubai, UAE 25–27 February 2024
♦ SBC Summit Rio Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 5–7 March 2024
♦ SiGMA Africa Cape Town, South Africa 11–14 March 2024
♦ SBC North America New Jersey, USA 7–9 May 2024
♦ iGB Live Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands 16–19 July Meet Us There
♦ SBC Lisbon Lisbon, Portugal 24–26 September Meet Us There
♦ SiGMA Europe MMH, Malta 11–14 November 2024 Meet Us There

The Importance of Attending Affiliate Events

Affiliate events and conferences for iGaming present unparalleled opportunities for business expansion. By attending affiliate events, you gain numerous benefits:

  • Learn about new trends and what’s coming up in the future
  • Generate new network contacts
  • Strengthen your relationship with your clients
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills
  • Exchange ideas with top experts in the iGaming industry

New Trends in Affiliate Marketing and iGaming

By attending events and conferences, you can witness presentations on emerging trends, valuable insights, digital marketing strategies, and the latest industry news. 

You will also have the opportunity to meet industry innovators to gain firsthand knowledge and forge valuable connections.

iGaming Networking

In the iGaming industry, it is common for companies to participate in or attend various events and conferences. By reviewing the list of attendees for each event, you can schedule your calendar accordingly to ensure you are present for face-to-face interactions.

Whether it’s sharing insights, forming partnerships, or simply staying updated on the latest trends, networking fosters growth and success in the dynamic landscape of iGaming..

Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Clients

Even if we are used to digital communication, sharing an excellent face-to-face moment is crucial to improving and strengthening business relationships. 

iGaming affiliate events are perfect for meeting partners, colleagues and customers offline. You can talk in a relaxed setting and even discuss improvements, innovations and anything else to help you continue growing.

Reach out to your customers and partners before the event,  to arrange meetings, ensuring efficient use of your time and maximising opportunities for collaboration.

Acquire New Knowledge and Skills

Acquiring new knowledge and skills from the iGaming industry is one of the most important values that affiliate events and conferences bring.

You will be able to attend different workshops where new techniques are explained, experiences are presented and knowledge is shared to help the development and growth of iGaming businesses.

Many experts who give talks often share case studies with the audience so that everyone can learn from their experiences.

Connect with Top Experts

Annual events and conferences draw in the top minds and professionals from the affiliate and iGaming industries. 

By engaging with seasoned professionals, you can learn from their extensive experience, receive valuable feedback on your ideas, and gain fresh perspectives that enhance your skills and capabilities. Whether it is refining strategies, broadening your viewpoint, or honing specific skills, connecting with experts stimulates innovation and fosters further development. 

To make the most of these opportunities, explore the list of speakers at the events you are interested in and mark your calendar for 2024.

More Affiliate Events in 2024

While we have highlighted the top five affiliate events for the year, there are numerous other conferences and gatherings to consider for your 2024 calendar.

By attending these events, you position your business for growth and success, leveraging the knowledge and connections gained to stay ahead of the curve.

Event Location Date
♦ EGR Power Affiliates Summit Marbella, Spain 8–11 April 2024
♦ ThinkTank London, UK 23 May 2024
♦ Afiliados Brasil São Paulo, Brazil 23–25 May 2024
♦ MAC Affiliate Conference Yerevan, Armenia 30–31 May 2024
♦ Gaming & TECH Summit Tallinn, Estonia 4–5 June 2024
♦ iGaming Germany 2024 Munich, Germany 11–12 June 2024
♦ Awin ThinkTank DACH Berlin, Germany 12–14 June 2024
♦ All American Sports Betting Summit Louisville, USA 12–14 June 2024
♦ Canadian Gaming Summit Toronto, Canada 8–20 June 2024
♦ SBC Summit Tbilisi Tbilisi, Georgia 25–26 June 2024
♦ 2024 London LRC conference London, UK 1–2 August 2024
♦ Sports Betting West Africa Accra, Ghana 21–23 August 2024
♦ Mega Mérida, Mexico 4–5 September 2024
♦ Affiliate World Europe Barcelona, Spain 5–6 September 2024
♦ SPiCE Philippines Cebu, Philippines 17–19 September 2024
♦ The Global Betting and iGaming Show Lisbon, Portugal 24–26 September 2024
♦ GAME Greece 2024 Athens, Greece 17–18 October 2024
♦ SBC Summit Latinoamerica 2024 Miami, USA 29 – 31 October 2024
♦ Scandinavian Nordic & Gaming Show Copenhagen, Denmark 5–6 November 2024
♦iGaming Crossroads Summit Tbilisi, Georgia 3–4 December
♦ Affiliate World Asia Bangkok, Thailand December 2024

2023 Events Affilka Attended

The year 2023 was full of significant affiliate events in the iGaming industry. It was a year full of news, great developments, and new partners, and we enjoyed the best way with all our clients.

During 2023, we were present at the following events:

Event Location Date
♦ ICE London London, UK 7-9 February 2023
♦ iGB Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands 11-14 July 2023
♦ SBC Barcelona Barcelona, Spain 19-21 September 2023
♦ SiGMA Malta Valletta, Malta 13-17 November 2023