Affilka Doubles Affiliate GGR in 2023

In 2023, Affilka not only doubled its affiliate Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) but also strengthened its industry position by welcoming 120 new partners. The platform’s robust partner network has now expanded to over 320 brands, reflecting its continued growth and influence.

Concurrently, the platform witnessed an increase in affiliate accounts, recording nearly 100,000 new signups, marking a 176% rise from the previous year. This surge accounted for 43.5% of the total registrations since Affilka’s inception in 2018. The augmented affiliate network and enhanced brand capabilities led to a 4.4 times increase in unique clicks on referral links compared to 2022.

The positive momentum extended to new player registrations, surpassing 24 million over the past year to showcase a 2.4 times increase. Financially, Affilka also demonstrated progress, with player deposit amounts experiencing a surge of the same 2.4 times, affiliate GGR nearly doubling, and affiliate payments witnessing an increase of 70%.

Anastasia Borovaya, Head of Affilka by SOFTSWISS, attributes the success to a robust referral infrastructure that ensures smooth traffic flow and converts into higher player deposit amounts. She emphasises the platform’s commitment to innovation, continuously improving the user experience in affiliate marketing, and recognising its crucial role in the iGaming industry.

Borovaya states, “Our mission is to provide clients with a comprehensive affiliate marketing software solution vital for their operations. We prioritise exceptional service to attract new clients and ensure their continued loyalty.”

The recent customer satisfaction survey conducted by Kantar in Q4 2023 underscored this commitment, revealing high satisfaction levels among clients. The platform received an average score of 8.1 out of 10, with 91% of respondents expressing satisfaction with the product. The satisfaction score for Affilka’s account managers was equally high, standing at 9.1 out of 10, with 97% of clients expressing contentment with the quality of work.

Affilka’s growth trajectory and positive client feedback reaffirm its standing as a leading affiliate management software provider, offering tailored solutions and exceptional service to clients in the dynamic and competitive landscape of the iGaming industry. These results not only highlight Affilka’s success in 2023 but also lay a solid foundation for continued growth and success in the future.