Affilka Joins SOFTSWISS Sportsbook to Empower IGUBET

May 6, 2022

Affilka teams up with the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook in an exciting upcoming project to empower a newly established bookmaker, IGUBET. This strategic partnership combines two robust solutions under the reputable SOFTSWISS brand, showcasing the convergence of cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to deliver exceptional products and services that will significantly benefit the new partner.

As a key component of the project, Affilka plays a crucial role in expanding IGUBET’s business reach. This innovative affiliate marketing platform offers convenient and flexible tools for effective brand promotion in the highly competitive affiliate market. With real-time reports, streamlined payment processing, and other essential features, Affilka empowers operators and affiliates to form successful partnerships and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

“We are pleased to announce the collaboration of the IGUBET and Iguana Affiliates Program projects with SOFTSWISS, which has been providing excellent business platforms for years and served as a benchmark in the desire to create the best products for its clients,” highlighted Michael Stevenson, CEO of

Through this collaboration, IGUBET gains access to state-of-the-art technologies and extensive industry expertise, allowing the bookmaker to enhance its operations, attract a wider audience, and establish a strong presence in the market. The combined strengths of Affilka and the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook create a dynamic synergy that sets the stage for future success.

With its advanced technology and functionality, Affilka strives to innovate in affiliate marketing and create exceptional opportunities for its clients. It provides superior affiliate tracking, analysis, and optimisation to help IGUBET attract and retain affiliates and increase the impact of its marketing activities.

As the project progresses, the teams will continue to collaborate closely, leveraging their respective strengths to develop groundbreaking solutions, expand market reach, and exceed the expectations of partners and players alike. The collaboration between the parties highlights their shared understanding of the crucial role that innovation plays in the iGaming industry. They are fully committed to actively fostering the development and implementation of revolutionary technological solutions. By staying at the forefront of advancements, they aim to provide a truly exceptional player experience.