Recap H1’23: 10M New iGaming Players via Affiliates

In the first half of 2023, affiliate management reaffirmed its pivotal role as a driving force behind surging iGaming fortunes. Collaborating with committed brands, Affilka orchestrated a strategic synergy that led to the acquisition of a staggering pool of over 10 million new players, meticulously coordinated through affiliate partnerships. A comprehensive analysis of the data from 240 clients underscores the transformative impact of the platform.

The half-year interval witnessed the emergence of an impressive 43.7 thousand new affiliate accounts. This surge, constituting a substantial proportion of the cumulative affiliate accounts since the platform’s inception in 2018, exemplifies an exponential growth trajectory nearly 2.3 times greater than its counterpart in the preceding year.

This surge in affiliate account activation has catalysed a cascading amplification in new player registrations. A comparative assessment between the first halves of 2023 and 2022 unveils an astonishing growth rate surpassing the 2.4 mark, reaffirming the pivotal role of Affilka’s advanced affiliate management functionality in charting the path to iGaming supremacy.

Of notable significance among Affilka’s performance indices is the increase in clicks on referral links, surging by a remarkable factor of 8.7 between H1 2022 and H1 2023. Anastasia Borovaya, Head of Affilka, expounds upon this phenomenon, attributing it to the dual impetus of an expanded network of affiliate partners and the undeniable advancement of brands bolstered by Affilka’s capabilities. As iGaming operators delve into new markets and explore diverse avenues of traffic generation and affiliate collaboration, the trajectory of this growth assumes a steadfast and upward course.

Amidst the financial metrics of Affilka’s performance a consistent and robust growth pattern is readily apparent. Evidently, the affiliate GGR has witnessed an impressive surge of 79.2%. Concurrently, the amount of player deposits and affiliate payouts demonstrated remarkable expansion, clocking in at 90.4% and 60%, respectively.

Anastasia Borovaya underscores the unwavering commitment of the platform to sustain an impeccable standard of service, despite the exponential surge in client base and their corresponding affiliates: “We are engrossed in expanding the traffic reporting scope, which involves providing in-depth analytics regarding clicks. The Affilka team is working on further enhancing our commission constructor, despite it having already established itself as the market’s most adaptable option.”

As the momentum continues, Affilka is gearing up for its presence at the upcoming SBC Summit Barcelona 2023. Positioned at stand CG58, the Affilka team is poised to engage in meaningful discussions with existing partners, potential clients, and B2B platform providers, marking another significant stride in its journey of innovation and collaboration.