5-Year Milestone: +60% GGR Growth in 2022

Affilka proudly marks a momentous occasion as it celebrates a five-year partnership with its first client, N1 Casino. Hitting this milestone, Affilka recaps its achievements and significant updates for 2022.

Unveiling Impressive Growth:

Despite being a tough year in many aspects, 2022 can be rightfully summarised as a fruitful year for Affilka. The brand closed the year with over 200 clients in its portfolio. And that is more than twice as many as the previous year. Affilka also achieved an increase in affiliate GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) by 60%, player deposits increased by 53%, and total affiliate payments – by 46%. Particularly, the platform experienced a 20% monthly increase in the number of players.

Continuing to achieve impressive results, Affilka demonstrated 60% client portfolio growth in 2022 and registered more than 56,000 new affiliate accounts. Moreover, the Affilka platform has helped partners attract 10 million new players for operators.

Affilka also showed a growth in the number of migrated brands. The brands making the transition from other affiliate software were attracted by the full support options, comprehensive reports, cryptocurrency support, and customisable commission plans, among other features.

Recognised Excellence:

Affilka’s dedication to innovation and excellence has been acknowledged by the industry. SiGMA Balkans & CIS honoured Affilka as the Best Affiliate Tracking Software of 2022, further cementing its position as a leader in the field.

Angelika Antonova, Head of Sales at Affilka by SOFTSWISS, expresses her pride in the company’s journey since its inception. Angelika states, “We have come a long way since signing our first client, N1 Casino, and we’re very proud of what we have achieved. Not only do we continue to grow our platform’s capabilities, but we have also improved our partner retaining skills. This is evidenced by the fact that N1 Partners Group is still our active client running six projects on our affiliate platform. Affilka shows significant client growth every year, and we are confident that we will perform even better in 2023.”

Key Product Enhancements:

In 2022, Affilka introduced several significant updates to enhance its platform’s functionality:

Enhanced Frontend Features: Affilka has made significant improvements to its frontend features. Clients now have access to a flexible application configurator, allowing them to customise the platform’s interface to align seamlessly with their brand visuals. What is more, clients can utilise the Frontend API to build a fully customised interface from scratch.

Poker Module: Affilka has expanded its platform’s reach by introducing the Poker Module, which caters to online poker sites. This addition enables poker platforms, alongside online casinos and sportsbooks, to leverage Affilka’s cutting-edge capabilities.

Reports API Tool: Affilka has empowered partners with the Reports API tool, providing real-time statistics on brands, marketing campaigns, and player activity. This tool streamlines the reporting process, allowing partners to access comprehensive project data for timely adjustments and informed decision-making.

CPL Commission Model: Affilka now offers clients the flexibility to leverage a CPL commission model. This model enables payments for all registrations while also allowing clients to exclude commissions based on specific terms, such as player verification or existing accounts.

These updates collectively demonstrate Affilka’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive and adaptable affiliate tracking platform.

2023 Outlook:

Affilka remains committed to meeting market demands and anticipates the following developments:

Crypto Support Expansion: Recognising the growing interest in crypto support, Affilka aims to further expand its platform’s functionality in this area.

Stable Coins: Affilka’s data reveals a rising preference for stable coins, with USDT emerging as a popular choice for affiliate payment currency.

Advanced Reporting and Forecasting: Operators will seek tools that generate detailed player reports, forecast audience behaviour, and track trends in order to respond quickly to market changes.

Expanding Licensing Geos: Affilka partners are showing interest in various local and exotic licenses, such as Greek, Bulgarian, and Comorian and this trend is expected to persist.